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The Strong Rider

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About Me

I have been a strength and conditioning coach for the last 19 years, working with athletes from an amateur level through to Olympic level, both in New Zealand where I am from and in Canada where I have been based for the last 3 years. I've been a life-long equestrian and decided to bring my two passions together to create this program.
I believe a strong body makes for a happy, confident rider and a better teammate for our horses.  
My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and give you the tools to be successful both on and off your horse.
My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time.

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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

"I've been a part of the Strong Rider program since April 2020, and have had the in-person Rider Audit where Nardine came to my barn, ran me through a few mobility assessments and watched one of my lessons. The in-person assessment was very valuable because it connected the dots between how I move on and off the horse, and highlighted some of my mobility issues and how they are affecting my riding. She tailored my program to me, and if I found something too hard she knew exactly how to scale it back to a level I could manage while still seeing continual improvement. After only a few months I'm finding my balance is better both on and off the horse, my core is stronger and I have improved control and stability in the saddle, and she has helped me develop body awareness which has been very beneficial for my riding."

"4 years ago I broke my ankle and had a 10 month recovery process. I lost a lot of strength and muscle. I knew it was affecting my riding quality and my confidence to deal with unruly behaviour. I needed to start working out again but online courses weren't personalized to my needs and there was no accountability. I met Nardine of The Strong Rider in the beginning of 2020. She came out and did an assessment of me on the ground and then while riding. She discussed how my weaknesses and asymmetry on the ground showed up on my riding. Nardine put a workout plan together that met my time challenges and preferences. After just 4 months of workouts 3 times a week for only 30 minutes, I feel a profound difference in my riding. My core is much stronger and my lower leg more secure. The biggest difference is my confidence in the saddle to be able to deal with whatever my horse throws at me when he is feeling cheeky. Recently I was cross country schooling and we had a very ugly jump when a dog was on the landing side of a large drop jump into water. The only reason I stayed in the tack was because of my strength training. If you want to improve your riding, get stronger off the horse. If you want to increase your confidence on the horse, get stronger off the horse. Be the best partner you can be for your horse. An added bonus is you'll feel more energetic and be healthier. Thanks Nardine. I can't wait to see what the next 4 months brings.

"Staying fit, active and healthy is not only great for you as a rider, but benefits the horse. In order to be a strong team both parties need to be physically and mentally fit to do the work at hand. The Strong Rider is the program that does this by developing the rider which will in turn benefit the horse."

"Hi! I love the program. Already noticing a difference in my riding and just overall well being. So Thank you!!" 

"I did have my first riding lesson in a few months right before and I felt a lot stronger and more secure in the saddle though!"

"If this is how I feel just about two weeks in I can't wait to see further in!"

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Contact Me

Aurora, Ontario

647 780 7728

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